Oil Sampling and Analysis

Machinery manufacturers invest in extensive trials, often running machinery to failure point. During these trials they sample the oils and build a trend analysis to determine component wear and machine performance. The results of the oil sampling are then broken down into a wear analysis record, this is then used by the oil laboratory to assist in identifying i

rregular trends and wear particles. Oil analysis is an essential part of a maintenance program and yet many companies are not getting the best value from their oil analysis supplier. By early detection/identification of contamination and wear metals, component failure can be predicted at times, this can significantly reduce costs by identifying a simple solution before a major failure occurs. Maintenance repairs and downtime costs can be reduced as scheduled maintenance procedures can be planned around the analysis results. In certain cases oil changes can be extended resulting in reduced maintenance costs and reduced waste oil costs. Careful monitoring through oil analysis will ensure that your systems remain clean and well maintained. Our oil sampling and analysis will confirm the results of how effective our reclamation and filtering systems are giving you baseline tracking for the future.


  • Provides a service history of individual equipment
  • Improves equipment reliability
  • Highlights minor faults before they become major problems
  • Reduces expensive parts replacement
  • Aids Warranty claims
  • Reduces maintenance and servicing costs
  • Extend oil change intervals
  • Reduce new oil costs
  • Reduce waste oil costs
  • Monitors positive and negative results
  • Allows you to schedule downtime and increase productivityHelp the environment