Additives are designed to function in a particular way, under certain conditions in a particular application. However, if different lubricants and additives are blended, they may function in an unpredictable way. Some of the additives function by attaching themselves to metal surfaces. Once introduced to a system (including reclamation equipment), these additives can be difficult to remove. That is why knowledge of the proprietary additives and involvement of the formulators are important to successful reclaiming. With precision sampling we can confirm the need to re-additize only was required to insure the lubricant meets the correct specification for each and every different piece of equipment.


  • Decrease the overall cost of Lubricants and Disposal Cost
  • Extend the Life of Lubricants and Equipment Life
  • Increase the efficiency and reliability of equipment
  • Prevent unscheduled downtime
  • Increase work force availability