Preventative Maintenance

Knowledge of your turbine oil and its limitations will set the stage for years of reliable service. Keys to this knowledge include having the right tool for the job, and a solid understanding of lube oil analysis for new turbine oil evaluation and in-service oil condition monitoring. By following a few simple rules, like keeping the oil cool, dry and clean and by monitoring with regular, routine oil analysis, turbines oils should provide many years of continued service. Hydraulic oils are very similar though used in many different applications. Our staff can assist with filtration scheduling, oil sampling and other proactive maintenance processes. The reliability and knowledge we offer with many different lubricants in many different industries will assure you have the right person for the right job. Often the most valuable and timely information is right in your hand at the time of sampling. Don’t pass up a great opportunity to assess key performance parameters on turbine oils.

The use of our clear, clean sample containers will allow for quick and easy quality checks to identify:

  • Color – Unusual and rapid darkening can indicate contamination or excessive degradation.
  • Odor – Sour smelling oil can indicate contamination or excessive degradation.
  • Air entrainment – Air bubbles in the body of the lube oil sample should clear within 15 minutes.
  • Foam – After a vigorous shake, foam from the surface should clear within 10 minutes.
  • Water – Turbine oil samples should be transparent. If you cannot read printing through a clear sample container, then water levels above 300 ppm may be present. A simple crackle test can also prove useful in determining if any free or emulsified water is present.
  • Solids – Look for solids settling out as signs of external and internal contamination.

Additional on-site lube oil checks can be conducted by MB Fluid Services. These tests might include viscosity, filter patch for particulate, water concentration and thermography.  We offer many filtration installations as well as tracking the condition of those filters by rigorous monitoring by our professional staff.